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_-={At Roads Ends}=-_ Classical Song
Lost in Moonlight Classical Song
Preparation 4 War Full Version Classical Song
_-={Machine of Judgement}=-_ Classical Song
_-=[Corrupting Ruin]=-_ Classic Rock Song
_-={Ill Intentions}=-_ Classical Song
K&K - Battlefront Classical Song
Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final Video Game Loop
Industria - 1 Techno Song
_-={Apocalypse}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Dark Skies}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Adventure For Battle}=-_ Classical Loop
_-={Wrath of a Broken Soul}=-_ Classical Song
_-={The Desire to Destroy}=-_ Classical Loop
_-={Subito Crudelo}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Day of War}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Kessen}=-_ Classical Song
_-={From Darkness, Rise 2}=-_ Classical Song
Rage of the Champions Classical Song
_-={Crumbling Cathedral}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Heroic Darkness!}=-_ Classical Loop
Grandia Video Game Song
.: Soulless :. REMIXED Heavy Metal Song
Tetris Remix [Final] Video Game Song
_-={Marching Siegers}=-_ Classical Loop
_-={Corrupted Matrimony}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Till Death Do I Impart}=-_ Classical Loop
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Impact Drum N Bass Song
_-={An Angel Dies}=-_ Classical Loop
_-={From Darkness, Rise}=-_ Classical Song
The Four Giants-Majoras Mask Video Game Song
Zelda-Majora's Mask Comp. Video Game Song
In your dreams ~ Techno Song
let there be beat Techno Song
James Bond Facility Video Game Song
Strykjärn - Svälj Din Stolthet Heavy Metal Song
_-={Nothing is Sacred}=_ Classical Song
_-={Lords of Legend}=-_ Classical Song
_-={An Ambitious War}=-_ Classical Song
spooky happy-end w/flowers Miscellaneous Song
SM64 - The Alternate Route Video Game Song
Devil's Bluff Ambient Song
Cave of Spirits Goth Song
.: From a Distance :. General Rock Song
.:Soulless:. Goth Song
Tetra Arsenic RMX Heavy Metal Song
Untouch Me Video Game Song
K&K - Annihilation Classical Song
Mario 64 Bowser Rock Mix+Bass Video Game Song
Mario Goes Swimming [FJ08] Video Game Loop
† -- Six Feet Of Solitude -- † Heavy Metal Song
K&K - Minden's Quest Classical Song
.:Black Halo:. Heavy Metal Song
Bury those memories Heavy Metal Song
Rock'n Temple || Zelda 2 Heavy Metal Song
Restless Soul Goth Song
mail, not milk Techno Song
>>Waiting To Die<< Grunge Song
This hate inside us! Heavy Metal Song
stockholm syndrome Miscellaneous Song
Shattered Teeth Heavy Metal Song
Disrepute Heavy Metal Song
Between Fear And Death BMI/SoK Heavy Metal Song
When I Say STFU Bitch Heavy Metal Song
_-={The Deads Witness}=-_ Classical Song
Doomsday! Heavy Metal Song
No mercy [full version] Heavy Metal Song
Necessary Suffering/BMIpreview Heavy Metal Song
Island of Fear - Part 6 New Wave Song
K&K - Dragons Classical Song
Wherever I may roam Heavy Metal Song
.:Dirge:. Heavy Metal Song
"POTC Megamix" Nintechno Dance Song
Zelda Song of Storms Remi Heavy Metal Song
- Revolution - Heavy Metal Song
Hyrule Castle Heavy Metal Song
_-={Vengeful Mind Break}=-_ Classical Song
_-={Arise Sleeper}=-_ Classical Song
Pirate Song - Remastered Heavy Metal Song
:.Knowing:. Heavy Metal Song
.:The Concept Of God:. Heavy Metal Song
C&C Red Alert - Hellmarch Heavy Metal Song
March of Death - Eternalreich Heavy Metal Song
-Orr- Four Brave Champions Classical Loop
Death To All that Come Heavy Metal Song
The Egyptian Symphony Of Death Heavy Metal Song
Lol U Died Miscellaneous Song
Twisted!!! Heavy Metal Song
The Song of Storms Video Game Song
Zelda Memories Video Game Song
The Temple Of Time Video Game Song
Revelation Classical Song
The Iron Curtain Heavy Metal Song
K&K - Devine Crusade Classical Song
LoZ - Journey Through Time Video Game Song
K&K - The Chase Classical Song
K&K - Betrayal Classical Song
K&K - Knights Classical Song
++Cryptic Divinity++ ~Part 1~ Heavy Metal Song